Ladies and  gentlemen, dear friends, let me thank you for attending the first year of   Muvewo (venous  workshop).  Your positive feedback and good wishes has made us very happy.  I believe you have already received certificates of attendance . We will inform you about the date of the second year of muvewo soon .We look forward to seeing you at next year’s Muvewo, with the belief that we will be able to meet in person in Bratislava. We wish you a blessed, peaceful  Christmasts. 


 I would like  to thank once again to all speakers  who accepted our invitation and prepared lectures for this meeting. It is our pleasure that the true masters of  their craft has shared their knowledge with you. Most of all I am grateful for the friendly and open discussions which was certainly a lesson for all involved.


Last but not least I would like to thanks to all sponsors. Without their  support this meeting would be not possible. I believe that you have found interesting and inspiring informations in advertising breaks that can move your business forward.  Do not hesitate to contact the local representatives of the exhibiting companies in your country, they will  be definitely help you. 


Finally I would like to thank the Tajpan agency, which has done a great deal of good professional work.  Despite all the circumstances and limitations resulting from the pandemic situation, they were able to provide everything necessary and they deserve praise. 


Looking forward to seeing you in Bratislava next year.

Frank Zernovicky
Conference organizer a director

Dear colleagues,

I would like to thank everyone for participating especially this year when it was extremely difficult because  everything suddenly had to be changed. Apart from that everything was excellent, I would like to thank my colleague Zernovicky and everyone who helped him. I hope we will meet in St. Petersburg under better conditions without  corona.

Note the date: 17-18 of juni 2022

Prof. Zoltán Várady

Co – organizer




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