Istvan Rozsos MD., PhD. MBA

Name : Istvan Rozsos MD., PhD. MBA

Email :

Phone: +36209418603

Organization: Theta Health Center Budapest, Pecs

Surgeon, Vascular surgeon, Diabetic-foot, Bemer therapy and Endovenous treatment specialist.

He conducted the first endovenous laser ablation in Hungary in 2005, and since then over 2000 successful endovenous operations. In December 2018 he did the first Microwave venous ablation in Europe (out of China). Every year over 2000 venous disease correction is done in the Health Center. Chronic wounds, treatment of venous ulcers, diabetic foot-ulcers and Bemer therapy is among his specializations.

Scientific publications:

6 books on Diabetic-foot, series

171publications, author, co-author

818 presentations in congress and postgraduate courses

Limb-saving Application.