MUDr. Lukas Hnatek, Ph.D.


2001 – graduation – Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine

2004 – Postgraduate certification – I. degree attestation in general surgery

2009 – Postgraduate certification in general surgery – specialisation competence from the Ministry of Health.

2012 – Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine, Doctoral study.


Awards for scientific work:

2007 – Reinish awards of Czech society of angiology – publication of the year – Endoluminal radiofrequency ablation of varices. Hnátek L, Duben J, Dudesek B, Gatek J. Rozhl Chir. 2007 Nov; 86(11):582-6.

2011 – Awards of Czech society of angiology – presentation of XXXVI Angiological days 2011 – Standardization of the RFITT method based on the energy applied to the vein wall.

2012 – Phlebologist`s travel award of German society of phlebology – RFITT or foam sclerotherapy with patients with clinical stage C6 of CVI – a comparative study.


Professional memberships:

Czech society of phlebology, President of the Section for Endovenous Interventions.

German society of phlebology

Czech society of angiology

Czech society of surgery


Work experience:

2001 – 2014 – EUC Clinic Zlín – surgical department

2014 – Present – Angiocor s.r.o., Angiology outpatient clinic

Cooperation with Tomas Bata university in Zlin