Dr. Matvej Parikov

Dr.Matvei Parikov graduated from the Faculty of Saint Petersburg State Medical University. 3-year postgraduate education in surgery. After several years as a general surgeon dr. Matvei Parikov specialized as a phlebologist since 2003 year.

The main area of interest are minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins (endovenous laser, microphlebectomy, sclerotherapy) and aesthetic phlebology, in particular endovenous treatment of unaesthetic hand veins, transdermal laser treatments in combination with sclerotherapy of reticular varicose, treatment unwanted veins on face.

Dr. Matvei Parikov has publication in international and russian journals, he regularly speaks at professional conferences.

Dr. Matvei Parikov is the member of Baltic Society of Phlebology, Russian Association of Phlebologists, International Forum Minisurgery of Varicose Veins.