MUDr. Norbert Torma, PhD.

Name:                                     MUDr. Torma Norbert PhD.

Date of birth:                         17. 04. 1970

Place of birth:                        Košice

Adress:                                   Jarná 19, Košice, Slovak rep.


Place of work:                        IMEA CC, Letná 45, Košice

Current position:                   vascular surgeon- IMEA CC



 Basic schol                             Košice-Tomašiková    1976    –           1984

High school                            Košice-Poštová          1984    –           1988

University of P.J.Šafarik –  Medical faculty /LF UPJŠ/                                                                                                      Košice- Tr. SNP 1      1988            –           1994


Specialisation /A-test/

Surgery I-st grade                                                     Bratislava       –          1997

Surgery II-nd grade                                                   Bratislava       –          2004

Vascular surgery                                                       Bratislava       –          2006


Previous position

I-st surgical clinic of UPJŠ, postgradual study, 1994 – 1997

I-st surgical clinic of UPJŠ                                       surgeon, 1997 – 2004

Department of vascular surgery of VÚSCH a.s., surgeon, 2005 – 2006

Clinic of vascular surgery of UPJŠ and VÚSCH a.s., vascular surgeon, 2006 – 2007,  deputy head of chief, 2007 – 2014

IMEA CC, vascular surgeon- vein specialist, 2014 


Teaching activity


IMEA CC- slovak and foreign students of last studying year



I-st surgical clinic and clinic of vascular surgery of VÚSCH a.s. /East Slovak Cardiovascular Institute/ 
practical lessons   from surgery of slovak and foreign students in 
slovak and english language


Postgradudal degree

 PhD., 2005   



Publication /as a I- st autor/                                     36

Citation                                                                         35

Presentation /as a speaker/                                      29



International scientific activity

 Participation in symposia and meetings:


2000, dec.  4-th annual meeting of ESS , Krakow /Poland/ – active

2004, sept. 3-rd Mayo vascular symposium, Rochester /USA/

-active, co-autor

2005, sept.,  XIX  annual meeting of ESVS, Helsinki /Finland/

2009, apr. 31-st charing cross, London /UK/

2009, sept.  XXIII annual meeting of ESVS, Oslo /Norway/

2009, oct. 16-th Int. symp. on tromboembolism, London /UK/



Every year I participate in different congresses and symposia in Slovakia


Membership in societies


Slovak medical society                      

Slovak society of vascular surgery

Slovak surgical society

Slovak society of angiology