Dr. Petar Dragić

Dr Dragić clinic is a highly specialised establishment for the modern treatment of varicose veins and for vascular aesthetics. It consists of three clinics located in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Banja Luka and also the Europe Training Centre .

Doctor Petar Dragić is a pioneer in laser vein surgey with over 15.000 laser interventions,representing one of the most extensive experiences and largest series of operations in the world. Every technique is performed under the “state-of-principle to achieve perfection in terms of safety,long-term results, recovery and, finally, aesthetic results.

In 2009. the Dr Dragić clinic was declared the main educational center – “Center of Excellence” in Southeast Europe by the largest American company “Covidien”and the German company “Biolitec” . At the same time , Dr Dragić was appointed as the main educator , the so-called “proctor”. He has contributed to the development of phlebology and has educated doctors from around the World.

On a daily bases he excels in the performance of endovenous ablation, laser crossectomy (Lacross) and ultrasound monitoring of ablation (UGLA).