ass. prof. Peter Baláž, MD, PhD, FEBS, MPH

Adress: Pernickeho 8, 190 00 Prague 9, Czech Republic 

Mobile: +420 776 88 22 16 (Czech)


Nationality: Slovak

Date of birth 01/12/1975




  • 2001-2002 Hospital, Gelnica, Slovakia, General surgery, Trainee in general surgery
  • 2002-2014 Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prague, Czech Republic, Transplant and vascular surgery, Vascular and Transplant surgeon
  • 2015-2016 St.Guy’s and Thomas hospital, London UK, Renal and pancreas transplantation and vascular Access unit, Transplant surgeon
  • 2016- present Charles University Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic, Vascular surgery, Vascular surgeon,Head of vascular surgery unit




  • 2019 Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, Associate professor of surgery, ass.Prof.,
  • 2015-2019 University St. Elizabeth of Health and Social sciences, Master of Public Health (MPH) Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 2013 The UEMS section of surgery and European board of surgery, Multiorgan proccurement, kidney transplantation (module I, II), FEBS
  • 2008 Institute for Postgraduate Medical Studies, Prague, Czech Republic, Vascular Surgery, Examination, Board certification in Vascular surgery
  • 2005 University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice, A Doctor of Philosophy, PhD
  • 2004 Institute for Postgraduate Medical Studies, Prague, Czech Republic, Board Certification in Surgery, 1st grade Examination
  • 1995-2001 Faculty of P. J. Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia, General Medicine, MD




  • Czech Transplant Society
  • Czech Medical Association
  • Czech Vascular Society
  • European society of vascular and endovascular surgery (ESVS, representative councillor of the Czech Republic, 2014-2017)
  • Speciality register (GMC) for vascular surgery in UK from 3/2013, Full registration in GMC, UK from 3/2013-2019




  • 1st European donor surgery master class, Leiden, Netherland 20-22.4.2005
  • Accelerated progression in coeliovascular surgery, Bordeaux, France 2-3.11.2006
  • Vascular surgery department of University Hospital in Bordeaux, France 16.4.-20.5.2007
  • Department of Vascular surgery, Akademiska Sjukhuset, Uppsala, Sweden 2.5. -20. 6.2010
  • Transplant surgery department, Leaueven, Belgium 21.- 28.3. 2011
  • HESPERIS COURSE, ESOT, Paris, Bergamo, (academic year 2011-2012)
  • Preparatory course for EBSQ exam, Venice 2013
  • Cambridge English Entry Level Certificate in ESOL International (Level B1), 16.3.2016




  • vascular surgery for peripheral occlusive disease,aortic disease, carotid disease, hybrid procedure for peripheral occlusive disease, vascular access, aneurysm of vascular access, invasive and mini-invasive venous surgery, multiorgan procurement, kidney transplantation (single/dual/living), oncovascular surgery




  • ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4547-0714
  • Member of editorial board of EJVES 2020 – present
  • Publication according SCOPUS : 59
  • Textbook in Czech: 6
  • Textbook in English: 1
  • Book chapter: 4
  • Hirsh Index: 11
  • Citation (SCOPUS): 375