Dear Colleagues,

I am very pleased that you are participating in the 1st multilevel venous workshop in collaboration with legendary 36th Várady Workshop.

Várady Workshop was started by me on March 28, 1986.   Since many colleagues took part year after year. The International Forum for Minisurgery of Varicose Veins was founded on March 20, 1993 and has over 1,500 members.

For decades, four patients were operated on Friday mornings at each workshop, with more than a hundred colleagues watching on live TV.

30 conferences were held in Frankfurt, then everything was done internationally. Mexico, Budapest, Riga, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Pozsony/Bratislava. In planning are St.Petersburg, Poland, Belgrade

This association has honorary president, board of directors, advisory board, advisory committee, and honorary members.

We have actively participated in various conferences around the world. Through the Covid, the virtual workshop was held in Vienna. Further workshops will probably be combined virtual and present depending on the situation.

Each time the workshop explains the mini-surgical technique, which is simple, inexpensive because only a few instruments are required, but still has the best results medically and cosmetically. Take my wisdom: to achiv good results it is not necessary to use complicated and expensive instruments and methods. But to use your brain and the skills of your hand.

Fourteen scientific societies chose me as an honorary member, I am Honorary Citizen in several cities and states. Recently, the European Venos Forum awarded me as Honorary Member. I was active in most countries and still am. The German Society awards the Zoltán Várady Lecture Prize every year. I received my diamond diploma in Budapes on October 9th.

I wish you every success and I warmly invite you to Brastislava! I am going to be very pleased when you are participating in the Várady’s 36th International Workshop.

Yours Prof. Várady